ChicCartel is a company that finds itself at the intersection of fashion and social activism. Our corporate philosophy has three pillars: female empowerment, environmentalism and ethics. We work exclusively with women-owned brands, we support sustainable fashion and we also throw our weight behind ethical causes such as body positive image movement.

ChicCartel was founded in 2016 by Victoria, a body-positive image activist and a fashion photographer, and Olga, a business woman and a self-described political junkie. The founders wanted to create a new type of fashion company that would reflect the changing identity of a modern woman. 

This may sound surprising, but from our perspective, fashion is the next obvious avenue to take on after politics if we want to advance women’s causes. And we do! If nothing else, 2016 and 2017 proved to us that women are realizing their power. 

What ChicCartel offers is an new way to exersize that power - by using your fashion choices as a lever to further your non-fashion goals. If you support women in their quest for empowerment, if you care about the environment, if you  want to see more fairness and reason in the world, then you are a ChicCartel Lady. 

Welcome to our community!