Victoria Nelson and Olga Gomonova met in the New York City in 2015 and quickly saw that they shared common passion for women's progress, politics and environment.  

Olga and Victoria also shared something important - they both were new US citizens with long and adventurous stories of coming to Americal on their own to build their lives from scratch. 

Victoria moved to the US in 2008 to work as a  photograper. Her work became immediate success with glossy magazines landing her opportunities to shoot covers and spreads for L’Officiel, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, GQ and many other publications.

She soon developed passion for women's empowerment and in 2014, she published an art book “Curves” celebrating women of all shapes and sizes that was internationally acclaimed in the media appearing on ABC’s Today Show, The Times, CNN, BBC, Fox News and many other media outlets.

Olga, on the other hand, has a classic American Dream story. She was born and raised in a small town near Moscow. She came to the US alone at the age of 19 to work as a maid in a motel in Laconia, New Hampshire.

In the following years, she went to Tufts University in Boston where she received a degree in International Relations, worked for several Fortune 500 companies  - including State Street Corporation, McKinsey & Co, and Microsoft Corporation  - and went to Harvard Business School. Olga is obsessed with politics and spends most of her free time keeping up with the current affairs.

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