Sustainable Fashion  - an approach to the design, sourcing and manufacturing of clothing that maximizes benefits to people and communities while minimizing impact on the environment.

Fast Fashion - an approach to the design, creation, and marketing of clothing that emphasizes making fashion trends quickly and cheaply.


Billions of new clothing items are bought by Americans per year, with only 2% of those clothes manufactured domestically. Most of items are produced cheaply in third world countries and sold as a part of an approach called “fast fashion”.

Manufacturing items on the cheap means this:

Poor quality of the clothes causes them to fall apart after several washes. Cheap cancer-causing dyes that linger in your clothing are used in production. Low-grade bunker fuel is burned by ships when items across the globe. Synthetic fabrics don’t biodegrade and fill landfills spreading poisonous gas.

For us at ChicCartel breaking this vicious cycle is just common sense. We want to wear clothes that last, don’t cause cancer and don’t bring our planet closer to extinction. This is the reason behind our support for sustainable fashion.

Our designers either manufacture locally within the US or abroad on sustainable factories. They use recycled silks, organic fabrics, alpaca fiber and many other natural sustainable materials that don't harm the Earth.